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Jonathan Goodson

Former computational biology PhD student and current postdoc. I use high-throughput approaches to study regulatory pathways


Cordelia Weiss

Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD student. I use a combination of microscopy and bacteriological techniques to investigate signaling nucleotides.


Amr Elghondakly

Biochemistry PhD student (co-mentor: Dr. Kwaku Dayie). I use biophysical and biochemical techniques to investigate RNA-binding proteins.


Kevin Burke

Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD student. I investigateEnterococcus faecalis ethanolamine microcompartments. I study the metabolic logic for ethanolamine catabolism by gut commensals.


Daniel Trettel

Biochemistry PhD student. I am interested in synthetic biology. For my graduate studies, I am examining the mechanisms of microcompartment assembly and disassembly.


Catherine Spirito

Postdoc and Research Educator for the FIRE stream entitled , “Engineering Biosensors “


Christopher Zhang

Research technician. I study a widespread protein that regulates transcription attenuation.


Daniel Wu

Undergraduate researcher. I study RNA-binding proteins in Pseudomonas.

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Gilad Hampel

Undergraduate researcher


Wade Winkler

Principal Investigator; Professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

bacteria lines.png
bacteria lines.png