The Departed


Arati Ramesh

Arati Ramesh’s laboratory investigates the structural basis of signal-responsive regulatory RNAs, such as those that associate with RNA-binding proteins, or that directly perceive metabolite or metal cues

Arati Ramesh

National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India. The Ramesh lab uses a combination of X-ray crystallography, RNA-protein biochemistry, biophysical experimentation, bioinformatic analyses and in vivo approaches to investigate the structure and function of bacterial RNAs.


Catherine Wakeman

Catherine Wakeman’s laboratory studies how bacterial species work together to form biofilms

Catherine Wakeman

Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University. The Wakeman laboratory investigates how multiple bacterial species interact with one another to impact polymicrobial biofilm formation and infection.



Bacteriologist. Microscopist. Computational Biologist. Molecular Biologist. Badminton Athlete


Associate Research Scientist (Victor Torres Laboratory). New York University, Langone Medical Center. Using a wide assortment of methodological experiences, Irnov investigates vaccine development for Staphylococcus aureus.


Michael Dambach

Scientist and Science Policy

Michael Dambach

Scientist, NASA Research and Education Support Services. Having worked in biochemistry, microbiology, synthetic biology, space biology, vaccine development, and the commercial production of infectious viral agents, Mike has accrued diverse scientific skills, which enrich his job as a science policy expert.

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Margo Gebbie

Postdoctoral Scientist, University of Michigan

  1. Former Postdoctoral Researchers (last known appointments): Arati Ramesh (Assistant Prof. NCBS, Bangalore, India); Alexis Kertsburg (Wyeth); Eric Roche (Healthpoint Ltd); Neela Keshevan (UTD); *visiting researcher, Charles Dann III (Associate Prof., Indiana University); Jung-Ho Shin (Research Scientist, Cornell University)

  2. Former Research Technicians: Stephanie Baker (MD); Jennifer Collins (DO/MPH); Jennifer Stearns (PhD); Rouqi Gao (MD/PhD); Taylor Rutter (MS); Steven Klupt (pre-MD)

  3. Former Undergraduate Researchers: Amelia Stephens; Jakob Hoberg; David Rickert; Christopher Zhang; Anne Meier; Guido Massaccesi; Cristian Salgado; Madeline Junker